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Would you believe many famous people wouldn’t be where they are without their garden shed? Well – truth is, garden sheds have played a big part on many famous people’s lives. Here we explore just five such famous people.

Roald Dahl wrote in his garden shed

Roald Dahl was one of the most influential and exciting authors around. He has delighted us with his fantastical tales. What you may not know is that he spent a lot of time in his garden shed . For hours on end too. He told his children, as well as his grandchildren, that he kept wolves in his garden shed. Why? Because he wanted to be able to get away without being disturbed. Next time you read James and the Giant Peach – just think it was a result of having somewhere to go.

Rodger Waters created music in his garden shed

A garden shed is a very creative place. Rodger Waters, from Pink Floyd, regularly used his shed to create and write music. He even created a lot of the demo tracks for the album ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ in his garden shed in Islington.

Benjamin Britten composed in his garden shed

Benjamin Britten was one of the most important composers of the 20th century. He wrote most of his music within his garden shed outside his house in Sussex. He composed pieces such as “Death in Venice” and “Phaedra” in his garden shed . It makes you think. One of the most iconic composers got his inspiration from something as basic as a garden shed. What might you be able to get up to in your shed?

Sarah Beeny is a fan of garden sheds

Sarah Beeny is a well known property developer. She is a regular judge at the prestigious ‘Shed of the Year’ competition – for over six years now. She is always talking about how garden shed are a great addition to any home. She says “a shed is a brilliant inexpensive way of adding some extra space to your home”.

Vic Reeves escapes to his garden shed

Living up to a comedian title 24/7 is tiring. Vic Reeves uses his garden shed to “take some time out to escape for an hour or two”. He even admitted that he had no less than five sheds in his garden, that’s a lot of garden sheds! Maybe he has a garden workshop , dutch barn , apex shed, pent shed and a potting shed from Sheds Direct! Garden sheds are somewhere to relax, be creative and get away from the world. We can see that even famous people need somewhere to get away. What better place to do it than in a garden shed? We are not saying you’re going to become famous as soon as you get a garden shed. But who knows what inspiration you may gain simply by taking some time out.Hopefully we’ve provided some insight into the potential of your garden shed.

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5 people you never thought would have a garden shed

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