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Apex shed or pent shed – what’s the difference?

Seach for a garden shed online and you will come across the terms apex shed or pent shed. To the unitiated in garden shed design – this can be confusing!

So what’s the difference?

The difference between an apex shed and a pent shed is the number of slopes the roof has.

A Pent Shed

A pent shed has a single slope. The highest point of the roof is one the side of the door (where you walk in). We offer various pent shed styles and pent shed prices.

Pent shed

An Apex Shed

An apex shed has two slopes, like an upside down V. The highest point is down the middle of the shed meanig a tall person can walk from along the length of the shed. We offer various apex shed styles and apex shed prices.

apex Shed

So what’s best? Apex Sheds or Pent Sheds?

As ever, it depends on what you want to use your garden shed for. Here’s three things to consider.

1. Do you plan on working in your garden shed?

In an apex shed you can hang tools or have a work bench down each side of the shed. The higher middle ceiling means you can walk the length of the shed without problems.

In a pent shed, the height is at the door – meaning if you are taller you may struggle to walk to the end of the garden shed

2. Do you plan on using your garden shed for storage?

Either the pent shed or the apex shed will suit your purposes. Again, the apex shed allows easier movement within the garden shed. Some owners of apex sheds also use the roof space for storage (e.g. fishing rods, oars and the like). That said, shelves can be erected around the door in a pent shed for additional storage.

3. Where will you be putting the garden shed?

Think about where you plan om putting your garden shed. Pent sheds may look better next to a wall or fence. An apex shed may look better when positioned in a garden. If you really want a good looking shed, then why not also take a look at our beautiful dutch barns sheds. These have more than two slopes to the roof! A potting shed has a different design again.

We hope you have found this article helpful – if you have questions about the type of garden shed you want to buy, garden shed delivery to your address or garden shed construction then please call Kevin or one of the team on 01405 765 400.

Apex shed or pent shed – what’s the difference?

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