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All of Sheds Direct garden buildings including garden workshops, potting sheds and garden sheds have tanalised or pressure treated floors and walls.

If you are a regular user of any of Sheds Direct’s garden sheds or workshops then you might be aware of the importance and benefits of using pressure treated or tanalised floors and walls.

Otherwise – this article explores the importance and benefits of using tanalised wood.

What is Tanalised or Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure treated garden sheds, otherwise known as tanalised garden sheds, is as the name suggests. Timber or wood is infused with a preservative mixture under high pressure using large industrial storage equipment.

The end result is a durable garden shed which withstands incremental poor weather. The wood will not decay due to fungus, micro-organisms and other insect attacks. Perfect if you want your quality garden shed to last!

Timber or wood treated in this way means we at Sheds Direct offer a lifelong guarantee.

Benefits of Using Tanalised or Pressure Treated Floors and Walls

Many customers ask why Sheds Direct pressure treat their sheds – and if it’s not obvious already – here are the key benefits;

Treated floors and walls have a longer lifetime

Due to the impregnation of preservative with in the floors and walls, your quality garden workshop, shed or potting shed tends to last for a longer period of time.

Untreated sheds decay and degrade quickly. We get so many calls from customers who have bought cheap sheds online or from well known garden centres – but they end up having to pay money to get rid of them. You may have such an untreated garden workshops, sheds, potting sheds or dutch barn – and it’s likely to be damaged, leak, gain holes or even be destroyed within a few years.

Treated floors and walls withstand changing weather conditions

Your garden workshop, shed, potting shed or dutch barn face changing weather conditions around the year.

Treated wood is significantly more resistant to the expansion of wood/timber that occurs in spring and summer. During winter and autumn it has to withstand wood/timber contraction. Untreated sheds and barns are unable to withstand these tough weather conditions resulting in ill-fitting doors, gaps around windows, leaks and more.

Sheds and garden barns from Sheds Direct last longer. They are not affected by the changing weather and they do not rot or decay.

Treated floors and walls are cost effective in the long term

Temporary surface protection and treatments might be low-cost initially as compared to pressure treatment but in the long term they end up costing you a lot of money and causing frustration.

So. It’s obvious if you want to buy a long lasting garden workshop or shed, potting shed or dutch barn then buy one that has pressure treated floors and walls.

Sheds Direct is offer all its customers sheds and barns that have tanalised floors and walls. If you are interested in speaking to our friendly staff who are involved in the full end to end process – call us on 01405 765400.

Or email us at

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Benefits of Using Pressure Treated or Tanalised Floors and Walls in Garden Sheds

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