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Buying a Garden Shed

A shed can be the most multi-purpose addition to any property. With such a wide range of materials, designs and uses, not to mention prices, there is a shed to fit any need. To help navigate through the myriad options available to the private consumer, has created a complete and comprehensive website devoted to sheds of all kinds.

Whether looking for simple storage, or a complete workshop, there are a few things to consider when trying to choose the right building. First and foremost should be the reason you find yourself shopping for a shed. Is the dog running loose? Is there no longer enough room for the car in the garage? Perhaps you want a potting shed or workshop. Sheds direct has the answer to all of these problems. From dog runs to full-sized, super heavy duty workshops, there is something for everyone.

The second thing to consider is the needed space versus the available space. Needed space is exactly how much space will be taken up by the things going into the building. Available space is the amount of floor space available to build said building on. Take careful measurements, and be aware of any low-lying limbs or gutters that would create height restrictions. This should give you a good base measurement to begin looking at.

The third important thing to consider is what is allowable in the area you live in. Some places forbid adding large buildings, while others do not. It is always a good idea to check with the local authorities before spending money you may get no use out of.

Next up is: do your research. Apex, Pent, and Dutch are all kinds of sheds. The major difference between them is the shape of the roof. Beyond the obvious aesthetic considerations, the desired roof height should also be considered. Unlike flat-roofed buildings, these are designed to be serviceable in all geographic areas. Each of them is peaked to some degree, allowing rain and snow to shed from the roof. Sheds direct offers the opportunity to further customize your building. Windows and doors can be put in different configurations, and even the window depth can be changed.

Finally, when the style and size have been decided upon, it is time to talk price. Prices at Sheds direct start at two hundred and thirty-five pounds. On the other end of the spectrum, prices can go as high as one thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds, which includes delivery and set-up. Do remember, though, that some of the additional changes, such as window depth, will add fees onto the quoted prices.

No matter if you are looking for a place to keep the family pet when the family is not home, a hobby center for the man of the house, or a solar potting shed for the gardener, Sheds direct has what you want. Full color illustrations, clearly stated specifications and prices, and a helpful staff are all waiting for you. With one hundred percent T&G construction, stability and lasting power are worries of the past. Call and order now.

Buying a Garden Shed

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