Five steps to buying a garden shed direct from Sheds Direct
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5 steps to buying a garden shed direct

Here are five questions to help you buy a garden shed direct, useful if you are considering buying a garden shed now or in the near future.

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1. What size garden shed?

Think for a moment what you use your garden shed for. Many use garden sheds for garden storage – bikes, lawn mowers, BBQs and an assortment of garden tools.

The average size is 6ft x 4ft or 6ft x 6ft. As garden sheds go, this is not big, yet certainly large enough to use for garden storage.

If you plan on using your garden shed as a garden workshop – then will you also use it for storage? If so, think about a larger one. Measure the space you have, and get the largest one you can afford with your budget.

2. What style of garden shed?

If you are looking for character look no further than a beautiful dutch barn shed. Dutch barns are pretty with character roofs yet just as sturdy and will last as long as a normal garden shed.

If you like gardening, and want to protect young plants or frost sensitive ones then think about buying one of our potting sheds. These are built with larger slanted windows to catch the sun, stay warm yet are still great for garden storage.

If you require more space – maybe because you want to spend more time in your garden, check out a garden workshop.

3. Do you need your garden shed delivered?

If you have a very large van with a loading space of at least 8 feet long and at least 6 feet tall you can think of picking up your own garden shed.

For those of us who don’t have such large vans –delivery is required. When buying your garden shed always find out the price to deliver too. We at Sheds Direct deliver UK wide.

4. Do you need help putting up your garden shed?

There are various things you need to think about when constructing your garden shed. The base is very important – and you check here to see how to prepare your garden shed base.

To construct the shed yourself we recommend at least two fit strong adults, some patience plus a range of tools. These include a spirit level, tape measure, driver drill bits, nails, marking knife, claw hammer, rubber gloves, sealant gun and a step ladder. If the wood is untreated we also recommend a good wood preserver and brush.

To reduce the stress call us. We will construct the base and shed professionally. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our garden shed testimonials.

5. Where will you buy your garden shed from?

Do you care where your garden shed was manufactured? Buying online gives you lots of choice – but was it built thousands of miles away? Using slave labour? Has it spent months at sea? Does the wood come from sustainable sources? Have the shed panels been stored in harsh elements over an extended period of time?

At Sheds Direct we are passionate about our garden sheds. We manufacture in North Yorkshire. We use sustainable, tanalised wood. Local craftsmen. Local wages. And we deliver UK wide. What’s more – we offer very competitive prices. Why not call us on 01405 765 400 for a no nonsense quote?

We hope you have found this article helpful – if you have questions about what type of garden shed you want to buy, delivery or construction then please call Kevin at Sheds Direct or one of the team on 01405 765 400.

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Five steps to buying a garden shed direct

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