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Life changing garden shed stories from Sheds Direct

 Many people over the world have garden sheds, garden workshops and dutch barns. Here at Sheds Direct we have compiled some stories. With all the time that is spent within them there are bound ot be many funny, scary and exciting happenings. Keep tuning into to Sheds Direct blogs for future stories.

Pensioner locks burglar in garden shed!

A 67 year old woman awoke to the sound of someone breaking into her home in the middle of the night. Instead of waking up her husband she decided to go down and investigate on her own. On arriving downstairs she sore that the conservatory door had been smashed and the robber had made his way into her garden shed. Unlike most OAP’s who would run upstairs and call the police, Judith crept through the garden and locked the robber in her garden shed. When the police came the robber was found eating ice cream he had found in the freezer of the garden shed. He was sentenced to 16 months in jail and Judith was awarded £250 for helping catch the thief.

The world cup in a Garden Workshop

A football lover has built his own world cup themed garden workshop to ensure he didn’t miss a minute of the world cup. When Colin was told by his wife that he would only be allowed to watch a handful of the dozens of games being played, he went about building his own living room in a garden shed. The timber garden workshop shed is 12 by 16 feet and contains two loungers, a 32 inch TV, a beer fridge and its own bar! It only cost Colin £1000 to kit out his enviable garden workshop – and he assures everyone (including his wife) that it is all worth it. Of course his wife may have preferred a prettier garden dutch barn shed on account of it’s beautifully curved red roof – but that’s for another day. At least Collin has a breakout area which will keep him sane, and in his life at least, is a life saver.

Men’s Shed

After the disastrous 2011 earthquake which shook New Zealand to the ground – breaking homes and communities in the process – David Searle set up his own Men’s Shed Movement. He started it in order to rebuild a community. He got men together to socialise and share knowledge and skills. David has gained great pride from helping in this way and hopes that the sense of community that has been built will continue for many years to come. Christine Calder, Seniors Together’s project manager, said: “The Men Shed movement is about keeping older men connected to the community. If you have any stories of you and your shed or of someone you know tell us, we’d love to hear them. Sheds Direct specialised in hand crafting bespoke, beautiful and sturdy garden sheds, garden workshops and dutch barns. You will not find equal quality at a price cheaper elsewhere.

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Life changing garden shed stories from Sheds Direct

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