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Hi Kris,

I am truly grateful for sending the new workshop section last weekend. The lads did a great job, and I gave them a tip for their labours. I enclose a testimonial, which you can use as you please. Once again, many thanks!

It’s a measure of a good company not when things go according to plan, but when things go awry. When my workshop was delivered and paid for, it was apparent that there had been some kind of mix-up. A quick call to Kris, and it became obvious that Kris had forgotten to amend the order and I’d ended up with the door and window sections the wrong way around. Kris apologised and promised to send a replacement section when next down my way. True to his word, a new section showed up a few weeks later, and was installed in short order. I am really happy with my workshop and Kris’s integrity as an honest trader; I can thoroughly recommend Sheds Direct.

Best regards,

Peter Hatfield

Peter Hatfield

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