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Shed of The Year 2012


A wide variety of garden sheds and workshops play an important role in thousands of British gardens. They’re used as storage space, chillout areas, and even offices. Some shed enthusiasts take their love and use of sheds to the next level. They’re affectionately referred to as “Sheddies”.

Websites and blogs run by Sheddies can be found across the internet; they’re often filled with photos, facts and anecdotal tales about shed-based activities, custom sheds and the variety of functions that these useful garden buildings can be used for.

Shed based merchandise proves to be popular for the British shed enthusiast. This ranges from shed calendars (with important shed related dates), to miniture model sheds and specialised shed accessories! Sheddies will often try to spot garden sheds in popular culture (film, music videos, etc), noting them down on their websites to share with other enthusiasts.

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Shed of The Year

Believe it or not, there is even a week to celebrate the humble British shed, titled “National Shed Week”. Last year’s fell between the 2nd and 7th of Jaly, and 2013 will be its 7th year running! Sheddies across the country decide upon who will be crowned owner of the coveted, Shed of the Year! National media even report on activitiy from the annual celebration; shed categories include eco shed, normal shed, garden office, cabin/summerhouse, workshop/studio, unique shed, pub shed, and Tardis, offering a suitable category for most garden buildings!

If you’d like to become a sheddie, or if you’d simply like some more storage space in your garden, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

Sheddies and National Shed Week

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