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Wacky Garden Sheds Creations

Here at Sheds Direct we hear many stories of how people use their garden sheds to get away from the stresses of their home. These sheds usually have a chair, a mini fridge crammed in by their tools and gardening equipment. But some people go outside the boundaries of “a normal garden shed” and create something extraordinary. Nightclub, pub and a cat den in fact… keep reading to find out more.

Bar Code – The Nightclub Shed (not a Dutch Barn!)

Gary Wells-Larter from Leicester has transformed his, once ordinary,garden workshop shed into a nightclub. The trained carpenter kitted out his garden workshop with two sound systems, a 42 inch plasma TV with surround sound playing music videos, karaoke machine, remote controlled neon and disco lights, plasma ball and a full bar1 At full capacity it can only fit 12 people but Gary says his bar “packs a punch” to make up for the small size. “In the summer and at new years the garden workshop comes into its own” Gary says. Good job he didn’t go for a beautiful dutch barn shed, because if he had, his wife may have had other designs on the space.

Corporal’s Pub – The Pub Shed

Paul Goodfellow, an RAF gunner, set up his shed in the married quarters at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire. His pub has everything a pub should have: a well stocked bar, a collection of hundreds of beer mats and a wall-mounted iPad showing sky sports. The outstanding garden building took only two days to build and the entire interior was donated or built from recycled materials found on the airfield. This has encouraged all his friends to start building pub sheds too; RAF Leeming could have its very own shed pub crawl. At Sheds Direct we would recommend the best types of pub sheds should be formed from large custom built garden workshops. And to ensure that drunken behaviour (that may result in wrestling or fights over the last drop) doesn’t cause damage you need a hand crafted quality durable garden workshop, garden shed or dutch barn built by Sheds Direct.

Cat manor – The Cat Bed Shed

Cat-lover Zhanna Pechugina and her husband Viktor spent a massive £1,000 turning their garden shed into a cat haven. They built their shed haven so their six year old daughter could play with their three prized pet cats. First Viktor put the building together from scratch (should have called Sheds Direct!) and then Zhanna covered it with murals of moggies. There is even a bunk bed in there which their daughter uses for sleepovers with her friends. Zhanna says all her friends are asking her to paint their garden sheds too. It’s worth saying that us Yorkshire garden shed builders may not have thought of building a pink cat haven – but if someone asked us at Sheds Direct to – we probably would. It’s fascinating what ideas people come up with for their garden sheds. We love seeing the innovative designs people come up with. If you have any great designs in your shed we’d love to see them. If you are looking for hand crafted bespoke, beautiful and sturdy garden sheds, garden workshops and dutch barns look no further. You will not find equal quality at a price cheaper elsewhere.

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Wacky Garden Shed Creations

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