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When entering the shed market, it can often be confusing as to which shed solution is the best for your needs. There are numerous types, including Apex, Pent, Potting Sheds, Workshops, etc. The differing styles suit a range of needs; this article will help you to decide which shed to purchase for your garden!

An Apex shed has a sloping roof that peaks at the center. Due to the extra support of the roof structure, they are often more sturdy than other shed types with flat roofs; this makes them excellent for long term installations and gardens which may suffer for harsh weather conditions. They roof space also creates additional internal area; excellent for tall tools, or suspending items in the roof space.

A Pent shed features a flat roof which gently slopes rearwards to allow any precipitation to naturally run off. Suited to being slotted in a garden corner, or aligned with a wall or fence, they offer a very practical shed solution without being intrusive of garden space. With the taller area at one side of the shed, they are useful for using workbenches and other activities which require internal standing room. They are available in a range of styles, with doors and windows available on all sides.

Potting Sheds are perfect for keen gardeners; often used for germinating seedlings and cultivating young plants/vegetables, they are an excellent alternative to a greenhouse. The glazed section of the shed allows in natural light, which heats the internal space, making it the perfect environment for young plants. Although primarily used for horticultural reasons, there is no reason they can’t also be used as a storage solution like a normal Apex of Pent shed.

Garden Workshops are the ultimate solution for those looking for additional indoor workspace. An excellent building for creating an external workshop or hobby space, they are sturdy, robust and totally weather proof. They feature heavy duty framing, and often have covered roofs and double doors.

For more information on any of the above sheds, please contact us with your requirements, and we’d be happy to make a personal recommendation. We manufacture all the sheds we supply, ensuring unparalleled quality control and customer service.

Which Shed is Best For You?

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