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A heavy-duty framework and 20mm tongue and grooved pressure treated walls and floors give our superior-quality garden workshops strength and protection against rot and timber infestation.

Designed and built in Yorkshire by Sheds Direct to give you the best value for money, we can construct made to measure options to help you maximise storage and available space.

Sheds Direct was established in 2000 and we are proud that many of our customers have come through referral. You can be assured that you are dealing with people who care about the quality of the products, installation and service, with all fitters employed by us for added peace of mind.

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You can call us on 01405 765400, use the contact form or email us. We will answer your questions and give you a price. There will be no blarney or pressure sales.

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You can come back to us at your leisure knowing that you are talking to someone who knows about garden sheds and not somebody who has no other motive than racking up commission. That same person will deal with your questions, the sale and all “after sales” right through to arranging delivery. If you are ready for a no flannel approach then please get in contact.


Check out the full specification in the Specification tab on this page which includes 20mm T&G

Roof trusses are incorporated into the build of you Wooden Garden Workshop to create a strong roof that won’t sag over time.  Walls and floors are treated with Tanalith e to protect your building from fungal attack and wood boring insects. There are optional extras to choose from too.

We do not use sheet materials in the construction of our garden buildings.

Wide door

Single door

Deeper windows

Premium felt

Free 10 year warranty

Delivery and Installation
10x9 £1455 £1300 Priced on time & location
12x9 £1740 £1560 Priced on time & location
14x9 £1870 £1680 Priced on time & location
16x9 £2010 £1800 Priced on time & location
18x9 £2280 £1930 Priced on time & location
20x9 2610 £2210 Priced on time & location
10x10 £1565 £1330 Priced on time & location
12x10 £1785 £1510 Priced on time & location
14x10 £2020 £1710 Priced on time & location
16x10 £2175 £1740 Priced on time & location
18x10 £2465 £1970 Priced on time & location
20x10 £2715 £2170 Priced on time & location
10x11 £1570 £1330 Priced on time & location
12x11 £2175 £1840 Priced on time & location
14x11 £2390 £2030 Priced on time & location
16x11 £2500 £2000 Priced on time & location
18x11 £2750 £2200 Priced on time & location
20x11 £2970 £2370 Priced on time & location
10x12 £1885 £1600 Priced on time & location
12x12 £2465 £2090 Priced on time & location
14x12 £2500 £2120 Priced on time & location
16x12 £2685 £2140 Priced on time & location
18x12 £3040 £2430 Priced on time & location
20x12 £3200 £2560 Priced on time & location

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Delivery & Installation of your Pent Shed

Q. How is the garden shed delivered?
A. The building will be delivered in paneled sections, the number and size of which are dependent on the type of building that has been purchased. Some of the longer panels will be delivered in two or more sections.

Q. Could I request a particular date for delivery?
A. We normally give an estimated lead time and contact you when your building is ready to be delivered.

Q. Do I need to be there?
A. Preferred yes, but a designated person can also represent you, providing we have been informed of this. A full name and telephone contact will also be required for both yourself and the individual who will represent you.

Q. Will the driver take the building through my property?
A. No. Unless you inform us in advance and then at our discretion.

Q. Will the driver need any help?
A. Usually there will be at least two delivery men so should not require any help. If the driver is on his own he may require a hand. We will inform you in advance.

Q. What size lorry will my building arrive on?
A. We operate 3.5t Flat Bed Trucks (Transit Size) We need to be informed of any access issues at your point of order so we can ensure your delivery will arrive without any problems. Items for delivery only will be to Roadside.

Q. Can the garden building be delivered at weekends?
A. Sometimes this may be possible.

Q. Can I order my delivery to a different name or address?
A. Yes you can we will need an invoice address for the payment taken and the full delivery address.

Q. I can only take delivery on a specific day and date.
A. We cannot guarantee specific dates.

Q. What if my base is not up to standard.
A. The suitability of your base will be decided by the Shed Erectors if we are erecting for you. If your base is not good enough you will be charged for the full delivery and erect. If we have to re-visit at another time you will be charged again for the full delivery and erect.

Q. What happens if my access isn’t good enough?
A. If we are erecting for you and your access isn’t good enough we will leave the building at roadside and you will be charged for the full delivery and erect. If we have to re-visit at another time you will be charged again for the full delivery and erect.

Q. What is and isn’t covered by the warranty?
A. 12-month warranty provides cover against manufacturing faults or serious timber defect. The warranty does not cover minor defects such as shrinkage, minor splits that are completely normal with a natural product. Major defects will be repaired, or sections/boards replaced, as deemed appropriate by Sheds Direct. Where the building has been supplied for self-erect, Sheds Direct will supply materials or panels as deemed appropriate. This will be on a customer self-fit/repair basis. This warranty does not cover any building that has been misused, accidentally damaged or sited incorrectly on anything but a solid level base. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, storm or flood.
A 10-year warranty will protect against rot, wood-boring insects and timber decay provided: The building is maintained in good condition. The roof covering is maintained and replaced if necessary. The exterior is treated at least every three years with a quality timber preservative/coating. The building is raised on bearers and kept clear of standing water or damp. The building is on a solid/firm level base. The surface should be kept clear of noxious growths. Bushes, shrubs trees etc should be cut back to ensure they are not in contact with the building and that air can circulate freely to facilitate drying out after rain. Debris, leaves must not be allowed to build up underneath or against the building. Repairs/replacement will be carried out at the discretion of Sheds Direct, other than where a building was on a supply only basis in which case materials, replacement parts/panels will be supplied for fitting by the customer. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, storm or flood.

Please note that if delivery fails for any of the following reasons you will still be charged.

1. You are not home on arrival at the property.

2. Any access issue that there may be to your property and/or street that has not been discussed with the delivery team.

3. You refuse the delivery on arrival due to minor or cosmetic damage.

4. If the building is too large/small for property - please check sizes before you buy.

5. If you decide to change your mind at point of delivery.

Superior Heavy Duty Workshops Specifications

– Quality built to order and bespoke options.
– Heavy-duty construction.
– Ex 22m. (20mm finished) T&G floor and sides.
(To give you an idea of strength, 20mm is as thick a modern domestic floorboard!!)
– 35mmx65mm heavy duty tanalised framing.
– Tanalised/pressure treated floor and walls for longer service life and minimal maintenance.
– Ex16mm T&G (12.5mm finished) kiln dried T&G Roof.
– Green Mineral Roof Felt covering for Roof.
– Generous 1830mm internal eaves height (lowest point).

Wide door.
Stable doors.
Double doors.
Premium felt.

Roof truss/trusses incorporated for superior strength roof strength (no sagging!). See our gallery images

Five Star Reviews
Found Around The Web
Selby, North Yorkshire
I've just had a 16ft by 10ft workshop put in and to say that I am over the moon wouldn't be doing justice to the high quality build, or to the A1 service I received. It was a real joy dealing with Kev and Dave. It was delivered over 200 miles without any problems! Be smart and buy on today. Dom Sweeney
Selby, North Yorkshire
Dee wilson

New year, new summer house/shed.......brilliant job, great lads, excellent communication, quality product. Well pleased, it looks really good.Thanks guys!
Selby, North Yorkshire
Our 10x9 workshop was delivered and installed yesterday. It came a long way from Yorkshire to Buckinghamshire but our research in comparing the specifications to those from other companies was well worth while. It is an extremely sturdy shed, very well engineered and certainly built to last. It also looks really nice! Thank you to Kevin and co for all their excellent work.
Selby, North Yorkshire
Kevin is a great guy to deal with. If you have any doubts about what your getting do not worry , the build quality of the structure is exceptional. I was concerned over an Internet order but there was no need to be compared to my local suppliers Sheds Direct offer a far superior product and I would order another shed from Kevin tomorrow if I needed to. Ps, looks great with the product you recommended. All the best guys Andy Lucas
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