Shed Transformations – 5 Great Ways to Transform Your Old Garden Shed into a Multi-purpose

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Shed Transformations – 5 Great Ways to Transform Your Old Garden Shed into a Multi-purpose


Money is tight. But creating a new space doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With these five ideas you can give your old Garden Shed a new life so it can be enjoyed by the whole family.




Shed Transformations 1 – The Garden Shed, Social Space


No longer does your garden shed just have to hold garden tools and DIY experiments gone wrong.


Use the space to show off to your friends and family. Use it as a social space! With wood board you


can make an attic-like space to store the tools until summer comes. Wash the floor, paint the walls


even add a picture or two. Now that you have space, make it to your liking; add chairs, a sofa or


even a bar! All you need now are the people.



Shed Transformations 2 – The Garden Shed, Games Room


Make somewhere for your kids to go this summer. Turn your old garden shed into a games room.


Clear away the old junk you haven’t used for years and replace it with a set of board games or even a


pool table. Your kids will love to have a space of their own to share with their friends and you won’t


have to deal with the noise!



Shed Transformations 3 – The Garden Shed, Spare Bedroom


Having the in-laws around can be stressful. There is always an argument when putting your child in


with their siblings and constantly having them around the place are a few of the many stresses. Why


don’t you put then in the shed? Once you’ve made sure the cracks are sealed and you’ve smartened


it up with a bit of paint all you need to do is add a bed, some drawers and a small heater to keep


them warm then you’re good to go! No longer will you have to deal with the in-laws in your face.


Who knew a garden shed would be so handy?



Shed Transformations 4- The Garden Shed, Man Cave


Most men have dreamt about having a space they can call their own away from the rest of the


world. Or even their partners wish they had a space of their own so they wouldn’t make a mess of


the house! Why don’t you restyle your shed into a man cave? Adding comfy seats, bar, fridge and a


TV; the men will never need to leave! Who needs to paint it when they’ll have their eyes glued to the


TV or looking down a pint glass? This is a great and easy way to make the most of your garden shed.



Shed Transformations 5 – The Garden Shed, Wendy House


Everyone remembers being envious of that one friend who had a Wendy house, spending


hours playing, creating a whole new world for yourself. Don’t let your kids be the ones that are


envious! Re-vamp your garden shed into a Wendy house. Move out all the things children can hurt


themselves on and put in bean bags and toys for your children to enjoy. This simple idea can keep


your kids out of trouble and keep their imagination wild, a great way to keep them busy over the



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Have any of these worked for you? Or have you tried something completely different? Send us a


picture, we’d love to see.



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