Protect Your Garden Sheds This Winter

Winter is the time garden sheds take a battering. Autumn is a good time to check your garden shed – and this article shows you the basics.

Your Garden shed typically contains a number of valuable items. Bikes, fishing rods, lawn mowers, chains saws, chain saws etc. No one in their right mind would leave these in the middle of the lawn over winter – so it’s important to check your garden shed now.

By following our valuable tips, you will be able to keep your garden sheds secure, extend its life as well as the items you keep in there.

Start with Windows and Door(s) of Your Garden Sheds

First of all it’s important to check the windows and doors of your garden sheds fit properly. They should be snug, with no space for wind or rain to seep inside. (If you have what we call a paper shed, I.e. a cheap and really quite nasty shed from some of our competitors, ensuring a snug fit between all doors and windows might be akin to trying to plat fog).

Seeping water or wetness inside your garden shed will ruin your sheds and it’s contents.

Re – Arrange

Most people store garden equipment, household items and other tools inside their garden shed. Many of these tools are expensive and valuable. You certainly don’t them to get damaged.

If your garden shed is likely to leak in any way – a) we encourage you to call us to get a beautiful new last a lifetime garden shed, or b) rearrange your garden shed. For example, if there is the remotest chance of leaks ensure your electrical appliances are stored and protected appropriately. If necessary, store electricals in plastic bins, plastic bags or at least covered by plastic.

Heavy Snow Alert

During heavy snowfalls, there is a chance that a large amount of snow accumulates on your garden sheds’ roof which can cause buckling or damage.

A quick snow brush off, especially from the roof of your shed, is recommended (though to be fair, if you have a Sheds Direct garden shed you won’t have this problem as our sheds are practically bullet proof).

Fill the gaps and Set up a Water Drainage System

Gaps or leaks can cause untold damage in winter. Ensuring that water drains water away is also recommended (though we can’t protect you from floods!).

Use A Strong Padlock!

A good quality padlock is crucially important. Compared to the value of what you store in your shed, a strong padlock might mean the difference between returning in spring with a smile or with a sinking heart.

Few of us check our garden sheds in winter – so all the better to do it now before winter sets in.

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