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Just looking through my bedroom window, earlier this morning I noticed for the first time that winter is now truly upon us. Summer seems like a distant memory and the leaves have fallen throughout autumn, making way for the wintery blustery showers. With the thick fog, it was difficult to see the garden workshop at the bottom of the Garden and I thought I would write a quick article about “Protecting Your Garden workshop this winter”.

Many of us here in the UK own a wooden structure in the garden, this can be a Garden Shed, a Garden workshop, tree house, dog kennel, storage shed or potting shed.

Some people go for a more elaborate structure, to house the spa, add an extra room or even a bar or leisure facility.

What ever the reason for your garden building, it is typically to add more living space using the garden area. A garden building is no longer used simply to store garden equipment, it’s best to make sure your garden shed is ready for the wintery conditions that may lie ahead.

Preparing Your Garden Workshop for winter:

Windows and Frames: start by ensuring your windows and window frames are securely fastened. We want to prevent wind or rain coming in at all.

Door Security: In regard to locking and fastening, doors and windows always make sure you have the best conditioned padlock for winter months. After a season of inevitable rain and frost, and a chance of snow, you don’t want a rusty padlock come spring time. Add some oil or WD40 to the padlock moving parts to prevent rusting.

Felt Roof: Check the shed roof to ensure there are no rips or damage to the felt roofing, we want to prevent water getting into the shed and having a solid waterproof roof is a good starting point. Any water damage may result with the shed becoming damaged inside and of course, it will more than likely damage some of the contents inside the shed. Prevention is better then cure.

Walls: Making sure your shed is treated with the right wood treatment for winter is also essential and it is highly recommended you treat your shed with a coat of good quality treatment.

A lot of Sheds Direct garden workshops are ideal for use during the winter. The Garden workshop can be used for various things during winter, like working on vehicles or working on your latest project.

What we do suggest to add extra warmth during the winter season would be something like adding some extra insulation or a heater to keep you and your sheds contents in good condition. In doing so, you’ll need to understand fully the risks regarding the addition of electrical appliances in your garden buildings.

We hope you enjoy your shed and we would love to hear what you use your shed for.

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