4 Reasons to choose a dutch barn over a garden shed

4 Reasons to choose a dutch barn over a garden shed

With the huge variety of garden sheds on the market – dutch barn, garden workshops and potting sheds being just a few –it can be tricky to know which one to choose. Do you go for a box standard apex or pent shed or something more aesthetically pleasing? Between us as at Sheds Direct we argue amongst ourselves as to what the bed shed is. So here we try to argue why a dutch barn should be your garden shed of choice.

Dutch Barn vs Garden Shed – Round 1 – Giving your garden beauty

Having a normal garden shed can leave your garden looking plain and dull. You buy a similar looking shed to your neighbour, it’s purely functional and at the end of the day – is just there to do a job. A dutch barn, however, means you now have a real feature in your garden that is pleasing on the eye. Unlike a garden shed, when you have a dutch barn you don’t need to rearrange your whole garden to make it fit in. It will make your garden look great all on its own! It’s curved type roof, the internal dimensions, the windows all mean that your garden will be transformed.

Dutch Barn vs Garden Shed – Round 2 – Somewhere to be creative

Do you ever get those moments where you just want to be creative? A break out space? A change of scenery? Something with soul? Dutch barns are the perfect solution. With somewhere to go and test your artistic flare you will be able to relieve stress. And create. And relax. Which is good for the soul. Don’t believe us? Just look at how the dutch barns look as compared to your box standard neighbour’s garden shed.

Dutch Barn vs Garden Shed – Round 3 – A great social space

Dutch barns are great for socialising. Their beauty and size means it is an easy place to feel comfortable and relaxed. A perfect recipe for a great atmosphere. Due to their size (and at Sheds Direct we can hand build to your specifications) dutch barns are a great place to invite your friends. Not only will they be amazed by its beauty but they will feel at home in its atmospheric surroundings. Although normal garden sheds, garden workshops or potting sheds are great – there’s nothing that beats the soul of a great meeting place.

Dutch Barn vs Garden Shed – Round 4 – No more mess

Has a loved one ever felt that sudden urge to start building something only for the unfinished product to be stored in your garden shed never to be looked at again. With a dutch barn you won’t have to worry! You can make it “your zone” by adding decorations and painted insides. They will never even want to clutter such a beautiful space. The result? Leave the mess in the garage!

Dutch barns really are the garden building of choice when it comes to beauty. At Sheds Direct we love building them and our customers love buying them! If you’re looking for something to make your garden look great choose a dutch barn, you won’t be disappointed.

Dutch barn not for you? Why not check out our website to see our great range of garden workshops, garden sheds and potting sheds all hand build by Sheds Direct!

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