5 tips to get your garden shed ready for summer

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5 tips to get your garden shed ready for summer

Summer is coming and your garden shed needs some work! With these 3 tips you’ll be able to get your garden shed ready and make sure that your shed is setup and looking pretty for summer. There’s not long left so get started.

1 – Give your garden shed paint!

Your shed doesn’t have to be the Mona Lisa to look great. Pick a colour you like (or two!) and give it a couple of coats. It’s that easy! You’ll be surprised how good it will make your garden shed look. You don’t have to go for an outlandish colour; staining it brown always works well. Being creative with how you paint your garden shed or Dutch Barn can really make it stand out. New and exciting colours really add vibrancy to your garden. In fact you might be forgiven for thinking that your garden shed has transformed into a beach hut!

2 – Clear your garden shed out

Most people’s garden sheds and garden workshop are full of stuff they haven’t used in ages, making it hard to get to your summer gear and gardening tools. Why don’t you throw/give it away or sell those unwanted items? Tidy it up so it can be used for the summer. If anything else it makes more space to store more things. Suggestions for what to clear out from your garden shed include; the paddling pool that hasn’t been used in ten years, the old washing machine motor you were convinced you’d need one day… the size 3 roller blades when your daughter is now off out in town with size 5 heels.

3 – Build decking around your garden shed

If you want to make the most of your garden this summer why not add decking? Decking is a great way of enjoying the summer sun. Why not add it to the front of your garden shed to give an extra use to it? Then you can store all your BBQ and summer equipment close by so it’s easily accessible. If your summer is looking pretty empty it would be a great project to keep yourself busy.

4 – Check your garden shed is secure

Often gardens sheds are easy targets. They area easy to break into and often contain valuables such as tools, the lawn mower and bicycles. So some quick steps to secure your garden shed include; Ensuring the door is padlocked when not in use The windows are secure Valuables such as bikes or tools are out of sight – I.e. throw a blanket or plastic sheet over stuff. It makes it look like your shed is full of rubbish rather than that new road bike. In reference to bikes – it’s worth locking the bikes inside your shed too. Use a heavy chain or heavy duty lock through the frames meaning it’s not worth a robber’s time to try and get your Chris Boardman bike!

5 – Check your garden shed for leaks

Tell tale signs of leaks in your shed will be stained flooring or stained walls. Here at Sheds Direct we ensure that the roof is fitted with heavy grade felt meaning no such problems. But if you bought your garden shed from a cheaper shop it’s likely your roof will start to leak. You can patch your shed, but, it’s probably easier to rip off what you have and reroof your garden shed with a better felt. Or of course, maybe look at getting a quality shed next time! We can advise you on your garden shed – call Kevin, Kris or one of the team on 01405 765400.

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