A Quick Guide To Wooden Pent Sheds

The Sheds Direct Quick Guide To Wooden Pent Sheds

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Are you a garden person, enjoying your time outside? Is your garden one of your favourite places to be? If so, you may have thought about adding a garden shed, in this article Sheds Direct discuss the “wooden pent shed” often considered a great option for storage, relaxing and hobbies, especially when space is at a premium.


The wooden pent shed are a great choice for many different reasons. As you consider finding wooden pent sheds, we hope you will find helpful information in this article. Read on for tips that you can use as you decide on the best choice for your all your needs.


What is a Pent Shed

Usually wooden pent sheds features a roof with a single slope, with the highest point located on the wall that has the door.  Generally higher roof at the front than the back and ideal for sloping water way from the entrance in a tight area. If you want to store items such as tools and ladders in the eves this is not the option for you.  Pent Sheds can be easily fitted together, back to back with a gully in between to remove rain water.

Wooden Pent Sheds

Why Do You Need A Shed

First of all, you should consider why you need a Shed, not just wooden pent sheds, but for any shed, is it for storage such as garden tools, ladders, kids toys or an overflow for household items. Do you plan to maintain a hobby, create or enjoy something like refurbishing a motor bike, building a model railway or do you plan to use the extra space as living space, somewhere to relax and chill, listen to the radio and use as a “man cave”. Or maybe you have a totally different reason for wanting a wooden pent shed.



You will need to decide where in the garden you want the shed to be located, this will be determined by a combination of why you need a garden shed and space available.  You may also need to this at this stage an idea regarding the layout. IE style, door size and placement, windows, securing the shed, access to power for lighting, shelving, workspace and so on


Size Matters

Next what size garden shed is best for you. Then, you should consider yourbudget for the shed. Do you have a particular price point you would like to stay at? If you aren’t sure about the prices of Pent sheds, you can find the prices for ShedsDirect.net heavy duty pent sheds on the ShedsDirect.net website.



Quality and cost of your garden shed are generally intertwined, the 3 areas that affect the cost of your shed are:pent shed, heavy duty pend shed, sheds direct, shed, garden shed

  1. Materials
  2. Labour
  3. Accessories


Materials, such as wood, flooring and shelving comes in a variety of different forms and sizes, the better quality the higher cost, typically sheds are made from one or more of MDF, Chip Board, timber and pressure treated wood (tantalised). The more wood you use, including the thickness of the wood, the higher the cost and the higher quality of wood the more sturdy the shed would be expected to last. Put simply cheap sheds will not last as long a heavy duty sheds


Labour is also an important factor in choosing your next wooden shed, generally there are 3 things to consider.

  1. A) Do I want to be able to speak to someone about my shed, someone who will listen to what I want and build, deliver and install it exactly how I want it on the day I want it.
  2. B) Do I want a factory built shed, machine made to a standard build, and made overseas and held as a stock item for months to reduce cost. Where the build and timber quality may be determined by price rather than need.
  3. C) Do I want a hand made shed, UK manufactured, quality inspected and custom made that will be manufactured from pressure treated wood, sturdy frames, flooring and quality roof felt.


Taking time to consider all of the options is a smart choice, ShedsDirect.net have a range of practical tips to help you please feel free to visit the ShedsDirect.net website or call us on 01405 765400.  Get the best advice when you are making a garden shed choice such as this and spending your hard earned money.


Delivery and Installation

Finally, when you are ready to make your purchase. You now know all of the ingredients of your new wooden pent shed, the size, quality, location and cost, the next this is to arrange delivery and installation.   You will also need to consider how you will have the shed transported and installed at your home. You may be able to collect and install the shed yourself, or you may need to have someone to do it for you.

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To conclude, when you desire a wooden pent shed in your garden, you should take some time to consider what is available to you and think about your budget. By doing these things, you will be able to make a smart purchase as you choose the very best shed for your needs. Consider the ideas that were shared here as they can help you in your decision to purchase a great new shed.


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