Apex or Pent shed and what’s the difference?

What are Apex and Pent sheds?

If you’re shopping for a new garden shed, you’ll probably come across the terms, “Apex” and “Pent”. To the uninitiated in garden shed design – this can be confusing, but don’t worry, the difference is pretty simple, it’s the number of slopes the roof of the shed has.

Pent Roof Shed

A pent shed has a single slope. In most cases, the highest point of the roof is one the side of the door (where you walk in), sloping down to the opposite side, however, door placement is a personal choice so it can be the reverse or be positioned on the side. Due to it’s sloping panel roof a pent shed is an ideal addition to a smaller garden space and a great storing place for small to medium  sized equipment/tools.

Pent shed with double front doors and side door

Apex Roof Shed

An apex shed has two symmetrical slopes, with the peak in the centre. The highest point is down the middle of an apex shed meaning a tall person can walk from along the length of the shed. Due to it’s tall height and equally sloping eaves, an apex shed is an excellent solution to store taller items/tools.

Apex shed in garden with side windows


So what’s best? Apex or Pent Sheds?

One is not inherently better than another, it all comes down to how you are going to use your shed and personal preference. In regards to the lifespan of your shed both Apex and Pent sheds can last a long time if the correct maintenance is followed.

When choosing between an apex or pent shed it’s essential to assess other factors including the height, width, size, style, price and level of maintenance required.

Below is a list of questions we would suggest to consider before making any decisions on the type of shed to go choose.

What is your shed for?

If your shed is just going to be used for storage, both serve this purpose well.

If you’re going to working in your shed, then apex tend to be more suitable as you can have a workbench down each side or hang tools, leaving you plenty of headroom down the middle.

Some owners of apex sheds also use the roof space for storage (e.g. fishing rods, oars and the like). That said, shelves can be erected around the door in a pent shed for additional storage.

Keen gardeners may want to consider a dedicated potting shed, which is specially designed for growing plants.

Where will you be putting your garden shed?

If you are placing your shed against a wall or tall fence, then Pent roofs often look more naturally in situ. There is also the practical side to using a pent shed against buildings due to the slope facing away, which will direct water away which will help prevent problems with damp or rot.

As they are generally shorter than apex, they are also great when the height is a concern, such as an overhanging tree.

If you’re planning on positioning your shed away from other structures, apex will often look better than a pent.

This is a personal preference choice, there isn’t a right or wrong.

If aesthetics are a key deciding factor, then take a look at our beautiful Dutch Barn sheds before deciding.

How tall are you?

This is one of those simple considerations which is often missed.

Pent sheds slope down to one side, meaning if you’re tall, you may find yourself bending over a lot when heading to the back of your shed. If you are tall, then apex is probably the way to go, although if head height is a main concern, the gabled roof of a Dutch Barn offers great headroom.

Don’t forget that we make all of our sheds to your requirements, so if you want a pent shed, but need the extra head space then it is not a problem for us to build in the extra height.

Still have questions?

We hope you have found this article helpful – if you have any other questions or would like our advice about choosing the right shed for your needs, then do send us an email or call our sales manager, Kevin on 01405 765400


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