Benefits of Using Pressure Treated or Tanalised Wood for Garden Sheds

What is pressure-treated and tanalised wood?

Pressure-treated garden sheds, otherwise known as tanalised garden sheds, is as the name suggests. Timber or wood is infused with a preservative mixture under high pressure using large industrial storage equipment. 

A tanalised timber product has been pressure treated with Tanalith E. Tanalith E has exceptional preservative properties for timber exposed to, or in contact with moisture. The tanalising process involves immersing the timber in a vacuum-sealed vat and then forcing the Tanalith E fluid into the timber under pressure. This process ensures that the preservative goes much further into the timber than could ever be achieved by brushing or spraying.

The end result is a durable wood which withstands incremental poor weather. The wood will not decay due to fungus, micro-organisms and other insect attacks. Perfect if you want your quality garden shed to last!

Benefits of Using Tanalised or Pressure Treated Floors and Walls

Many customers ask why we use pressure-treated wood in our sheds – and if it’s not obvious already – here are the key benefits;

1. Treated floors and walls have a longer lifetime

Due to the impregnation of preservative within the floors and walls, your shed tends to last for a longer period of time. Once your shed has been constructed and placed on the correct base, tanalised garden sheds will give you peace of mind as it will not need to be re-treated and will provide many years of enjoyment.

2. Untreated sheds decay and degrade quickly. 

We get so many calls from customers who have bought cheap sheds online or from well known garden centres – but they end up having to pay money to get rid of them. Investing a little more in quality materials the first time will save you in the long run as it is far less likely to degrade, leak, gain holes or even require replacing in a few years.

3. Treated floors and walls withstand changing weather conditions. 

Your garden shed faces changing weather conditions around the year. Treated wood is significantly more resistant to the expansion of wood/timber that occurs in spring and summer, likewise during autumn and winter, it has to withstand wood/timber contraction. Untreated sheds are less able to withstand these tough weather conditions resulting in ill-fitting doors, gaps around windows, leaks and more. 

A tanalised wooden garden shed will be protected against the elements, garden insects that attack and decay wood and provide weatherproof protection lasting a very long time.

4. Treated floors and walls are cost-effective in the long term

Temporary surface protection and treatments might be low-cost initially as compared to pressure treatment but in the long term they end up costing you a lot of money and inconvenience.  Initially, the pressure-treated product will prove around 15%-20% more expensive than a kiln dried or preservative dipped product but will require far less maintenance and last much longer than the alternatives

So. It’s obvious if you want to buy a long-lasting garden shed, workshop, potting shed, summer house or dutch barn then buy one that has pressure treated floors and walls.

Inside a dutch barn shed made from pressure treated wood

Why purchase a tanalised garden shed?

  • Effective long-term protection against fungal and insect attack
  • Suitable for all year round weather conditions.
  • Cost-effective, slightly higher cost saves time and money later.
  • A tanalised shed is ideal for those enclosed spaces or highly landscaped gardens, where self-treatment would be difficult
  • Gives the wood a subtle green hue, blending perfectly with nature
  • Ideal for general construction, fencing, garden and leisure timber applications.
  • Conforms to new European Standards and individual countries’ national requirements
  • An established and proven alternative to traditional chromated/copper/arsenate (CCA) treated timber

Still have questions?

We hope you have found this article helpful – if you have any other questions or would like our advice about choosing the right shed for your needs, then do get in touch.

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