Garden Shed Facts from Sheds Direct

Garden Shed Facts from Sheds Direct

At Sheds Direct we love garden shed, garden workshop and dutch barn facts! So we thought we’d share some more with you. Here are some funny, strange and interesting facts to get your teeth stuck into.

Garden Shed Fact 1

If their garden shed was large enough, 6% of people would contemplate transforming their shed into a bar or club. Are you one of these 6 in every one hundred people? A dutch barn would make a lovely bar. You’d be the envy of your neighbours, friends and family, plus it’s big enough too!

Garden Shed Fact 2

16% of Australian shed users have had a serious accident in their garden shed. Quite what these accidents are we can only guess. Maybe they spilt some beer on the floor of their garden workshop? Or more likely set fire to their dutch barn as they tried cooking kangaroo legs on an internal BBQ. No doubt you can think of other ways these Australians caused or had serious accidents within their garden shed. We at Sheds Direct don’t really want to speculate too much! As an aside, we wonder what garden shed Selby owners may have got up to?! Maybe even garden shed Leeds would provide for a larger collection of accidents?

Garden Shed Fact 3

77% of men have access to a garden shed and a man spends almost seven days in his shed a year. If you have a lovely dutch barn or garden workshop we wouldn’t blame you! How would you spend seven days a year given the choice? Let Shed Direct Selby know!

Garden Shed Fact 4

7% of men immediately head to the shed every day after they get home from work. Probably because they arrived home to screaming children – though in reality it is most likely because they were putting their bikes in the shed. Never the less, working in your garden workshop after a long day can be very relaxing. Do you head into your garden shed when you get home? What about a garden shed Leeds?

Garden Shed Fact 5 (nothing to do with Garden Shed Leeds)

It’s estimated that between 5 and 6% of Britain’s railway modelling takes place in a garden shed. Imagine a giant railway filling your entire garden workshop! Now that would be amazing – and something we at Sheds Direct would love to see. So there you have it, some great garden shed facts. If any of them relate to you and your garden shed, garden workshop or dutch barn let us know! Sheds Direct would love to hear if they do! I think every one of them relates to us!

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