Garden shed or Garden Workshop? Five tips to help you decide

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Garden shed or Garden Workshop Five tips to help you decide

Today typically buyers look for garden shed or a garden workshop. It can be tricky to know which one to choose. A garden shed tends be smaller limiting what you can do. But garden workshops give much more space and flexibility. This article explains when a garden workshop should be chosen over a garden shed.

Garden Workshop vs Garden Shed – Round 1 – No Mess to Depress

Everyone at some point in their life remembers going through a creative phase where they would craft continuously. Material and spare parts left all over the house (to their family’s potential annoyance). Having a garden workshop means that you can leave your tools and spare parts anywhere you like! Unlike a small garden shed where you have to leave room for camping equipment and storage, your garden workshop is yours to do with as you like.

Garden Workshop vs Garden Shed – Round 2 – Your Creative Flare in There

Do you ever get those moments where you just want to be creative? Or want to make something with your hands no matter how it comes out? garden workshops are perfect for this. You will have somewhere to go and test out your artistic flare and relieve some stress. What’s more relaxation is good for the soul. You wouldn’t go sit in a small shed to relax, squeezing in between old tools and furniture, would you?

Garden Workshops vs Garden Shed – Round 3 – Cars, Bikes or Trikes

A garden workshop is great if you have a car, bike or trike. Working in the dry near all your tools means you can focus on having fun and getting the job done. You’ve never tried putting a bike or a car in your garden shed have you? With a garden workshop you can finely tune your vehicle and make it sound sweet in the comfort of your back garden.

Garden Workshop vs Garden Shed – Round 4 – On the Fly DIY

Ever felt that sudden urge to finish all those long, overdue tasks around your house? But opening the garden shed only ends in getting caught under an avalanche of junk? With a garden workshop you don’t need to worry! A garden workshop is a great place to work on projects for your house and store all your tools.

Garden Workshop vs Garden Shed – Round 5, Final Round – Sharing Creativity

It is great building things with people, working to get the best out of each other. With a garden workshop you can create projects with your friends or loved ones. Having somewhere where you can both work makes the whole experience more enjoyable. So get a garden workshop and start a project with your friend, you’ll be amazed what two people can achieve. Has this inspired you to start a project? Or do you already get creative? Send us pictures of what you’re making!

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