How to convert your garden shed into a home office

Turn your garden shed into a great home office.

Do you often find yourself distracted? Kids running round your feet? Nowhere to concentrate and be productive? A place to chill and relax? A reading room? A get away? Hideaway? What you need is a well kitted garden shed to convert into a home office. In this article we will show you some great tips about turning your garden shed into a great garden office.

Inside Decor

Sheds are typically dark and dirty places. It is important to decorate the inside properly. Using light paint (white or cream) you can make your shed feel spacious and clean as well as allow light to reflect off the walls. A lamp or an overhead light will make the room brighter if you aren’t lucky enough to have large windows. If you use a filament lamp you should be able to gain some extra heat.


Insulation is the most important thing when turning your garden shed into a home office. Bad insulation will mean it will be too cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. You’ll want to make sure you put insulation into the walls and the roof. You can even put insulation on the floor, with a rubber mat or plywood over the top. The result will be far better conditions to work in. It’ll give you more reason to be in the office and stop you from becoming distracted and uncomfortable.


You’re going to need some power to control your electrical devices. We at Sheds direct recommend you use a certified electrician to run an armored power cable to your garden shed – as then it will be safe for everyone. Do it before you put the boards and insulation in. The costs to do this are not excessive, and the value you will gain from being able to use your garden shed all year round will more than pay for it.

4 – Security

If you intend on having your computer, printer, fax machine and other expensive equipment in your garden shed it’s best to make sure that it is secured properly. Make sure that your shed door hinges are properly secured. You can do this with coach bolts or non-returnable screws. If any window panes or wooden panels are broken replace them so people can’t get through. You could fit a battery or mains powered alarm to the door so that it will ward off any unwanted visitors. Finally the most essential item, a padlock for your shed door. (Note that if you buy a shed direct from most online retailers, your shed will be paper thin and insecure. Here at Sheds Direct we supply quality durable strong garden sheds and garden workshops to your specification).


No room is complete without furniture. A nice desk, chair, easy chair, lamp, pictures, shelves will all complete the picture. Why not add a rug to add extra warmth and a touch of homeliness? Before you know it you will be looking for excuses to get out to your garden shed , and you will be the envy of all your friends.

With a bit of work you know have somewhere to work at home where you can concentrate and be more productive.

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