How to make your garden shed secure



Do you store some of your important and expensive equipment such as garden tools or bicycles in your garden shed or garden workshop? If so, you need to take extra measures in order to keep those items safe.

Your garden shed is like a second home that sits in your garden. No doubt you ensure your house is secure. In the same way, the security of your garden shed is of equal importance. Even more so if you have a quality garden workshop where you store a fair amount of expensive items.

There are a few steps and precautionary measures you can take which will keep your garden shed secure and safe from intruders.

Choose the location of your Garden Workshop wisely

You can start by placing your garden shed in the safest location. You might want to choose a space where you can properly see your garden shed.

Only you are aware of the security situation in your area, so the responsibility is on you to find the ideal spot for your garden shed and make your decision wisely.

Secure your garden sheds’ door by using hasps and padlocks

Although Sheds Direct garden sheds are far stronger and sturdier than those you will find elsewhere – we still recommend using the strong padlocks and the like. Basic locks might not provide the security that you need. Securing your garden sheds’ door with different hasps and padlocks will give a theif a tough time and they will move onto easier prey.

Use an alarm system

Putting an alarm inside your garden shed can help you protect your stuff even if a burglar is able to gain entry to your shed.

These alarms can be easily bought at your nearest DIY shops or online. They come with additional remote controls that can help you in turning them on/off. The larger your investment in a quality garden workshop – the more important security is.

Add something extra to the screws and hinges

Sheds Direct makes sturdy and durable garden sheds, garden workshops and dutch barns so that you do not have to do something extra. But there is still one thing you can do, you can add extra screws and drop some superglue on the screws and hinges of your garden sheds. In this way no one will try to unscrew them.

Fix the items inside your garden shed

To top it off, you can either secure your tools and bicycle with a chain or you might even want to install an under floor lock system.

So, even if there is no intruder-proof formula that can completely prevent any burglar from entering your garden shed, you can still follow these useful steps to make him go elsewhere.

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