How to Organise Your Potting Shed

organising your potting shed

Not only are potting sheds an absolutely perfect place for gardeners to germinate and develop seedlings, they also double up as an excellent storage space too. Additionally, many people find their potting shed a nice place to relax or work on smaller gardening duties. For this reason it is important to consider what your potting shed is going to be used for and how it can be prepared for optimum usability.

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So how should you organise your brand new potting shed? We hope this article will give you ideas and tips to get you started!

The Use of Lighting

Our solar potting sheds feature a sloping window to let light enter meaning that your seedlings will get all the light they need if placed in an exposed area. However, if you are using a potting shed with poor lighting or only have sheltered garden space, fluorescent lighting can be used to illuminate the space. Lighting will also enable you to use the space even during cloudy weather or into the evening. Less harsh lighting such as lamps can give the space a warm, atmospheric ambiance perfect for relaxing in.

Using Your Potting Shed for Storage

Having extra space for equipment in the garden is always useful and potting sheds can fulfill this role wonderfully. Additionally, when you are working in the potting shed, having the equipment you need to hand saves you time and effort. For this reason it’s important to consider how you are optimizing the space for storage. The two essential features you should have are shelves and wall pegs. Shelving provides a space for everything from pots to gardening books while pegboards are the best solution to storing equipment such as trowels, rakes and spades.

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