Is Your Garden Shed Secure?


Garden shed security tips from Sheds Direct

When buying a garden shed, it’s probably wise to look at a few ways to secure your garden shed. Even if your garden shed is a heavy-duty garden shed from Sheds Direct, we recommend you implement some form of security.

Everyday, garden sheds all over the UK are broken into, and our sheddies are constantly asking us how they can secure their own garden shed. It’s rather normal for us to take phone calls from people who have purchased a cheap garden shed, and if it hasn’t fell down, it’s constantly getting broken into. We visited Jonathan from Sheffield who informed us his shed was always getting broken into, and he was looking at investing in one of our heavy duty garden sheds, a garden shed build with solidity in mind.

We met Jonathan at his house on the Monday morning ready to build his heavy duty garden shed. Before we got our hands dirty, we stood round his current garden shed with a cup of tea and spoke about garden shed security. Previously, Jonathan had tried to save money on purchasing based on cost, however it’s actually cost him significantly more replacing tools, than it would if he’d have come to Sheds Direct in the first place.

Garden Shed Security – Jonathan failed to get the basics covered.

We can just look at a garden shed and get an idea of the security. Jonathan’s lock of choice was a simple slide lock. Other than wind, it’s difficult to tell how this protects your garden sheds.

Invest in a solid padlock, they can be expensive, but then again so can be replacing your garden shed items. The issue with any lock is if your garden shed isn’t well build, by pulling hard enough you could rip the entire lock off, which is why we focus on quality with our 35mmx45mm heavy duty tanalised framing.

Show off your Garden Shed – You can show off your garden shed, whilst increasing security.

By having your garden shed perimeter rather bright, not only does it look good, it can put thieves off, as they prefer to work in complete darkness. For even further security, we recommended to Jonathan that he should install sensor-operated lights, along with CCTV.

Half way through clearing out his old garden shed, we came across a few bags of gravel, and did you know gravel is rather impressive when it comes to security. Now, Jonathan’s house wasn’t too large, so noises in his garden would be heard rather easily. Have a look at the picture below…How would a thief get to the garden shed without creating noise, or setting off a light and catching himself on CCTV if Jonathan was to go ahead and install it? Gravel is a unique sound, which would instantly alert Jonathan to trespassers, increasing his security drastically.

It’s amazing what you can find in your old garden shed, we found a creative security solution in Jonathan’s.

One Secure Garden Shed, Finished!

Once we’d erected Jonathan’s heavy duty garden shed, laid down the gravel around the perimeter, and advised to install flashlights and CCTV, we left Jonathan in Sheffield with a stunning new heavy duty garden shed which was more durable, more secure and certainly more attractive, we tidied up and left another customer incredibly happy.

Our aim is to provide you with a quality garden shed and advice, and we’re pleased to see we’ve achieved that on a Monday in Sheffield.

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