Making your own Garden Shed – Not a Good Option

There are those hardy adventurous types that set out to build their own garden shed in a bid to save hundreds or maybe thousands of pounds. Often family members will roll their eyes at your latest whim – and good luck to you! However, here are some reasons we at Sheds Direct would suggest you give us a call instead.

Lack of skills

If you are making your garden shed under the supervision of a professional or you have received some sort of training in shed making, then fabulous. But…

If you have no skills whatsoever and this is your first time in trying to build a shed, then it will be quite difficult for you to finish your garden shed. Even simple tasks like hammering nails and using power tools require certain expertise and skills. Never mind understanding the quality of wood, the depth, how to construct the frame, the roof etc.

At Sheds Direct we have professional shed makers who develop garden sheds of the highest standard using the latest equipment.

Lack of Equipment

Chances are you won’t posses the state-of-the-art and expensive tools / equipment that is required to build quality sheds.

Many different kinds of tools (both hand and power tools) need to be purchased beforehand. High quality tools and their parts cost several hundred pounds (and even thousands of pounds) – meaning your tools could cost more than the value of the actual shed price. If you do a cost benefit analysis, making your own garden shed will cost a lot.

Sheds Direct has all the modern and latest tools for constructing high quality, durable and sturdy garden sheds.

Lack of Assistance

Constructing a garden shed requires you to have assistance, especially when you have to install side walls an roof. One or two people are usually unable to fit these walls properly.

Sheds Direct consists of a team of professional shed makers who assure you that they will deliver high quality garden sheds on your doorstep.

Shed Making – A Time Consuming Process

If you have a lot of time to spare for your shed making then that is fine, but if you have a full time job or you are a full time student, then you might want to skip this idea of making your own garden shed.

From designing to making to assembling to end touches, each and every step of shed making requires a lot of your time.

Your own Physical Strength

Last but not least, you are required to have a certain amount of physical strength to build sheds. Your garden shed will require a lot of your physical effort with heavy lifting as well. Some of our larger garden workshops weight a tonne or more!

So, hopefully we have convinced you that it’s easier to call us rather than making your garden shed on your own. You can call us on 01405 765400 or email us at and we will be more than happy to help you get your dream garden shed!

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