No More Rusty Garden Sheds!


Sometimes you’re just unable to take care of your garden shed properly due to the harsh weather conditions or your busy schedule.

Because of the low amount of maintenance and care, your garden shed probably became rusty and old. Patches of rust began to show all over their surface.

Now that you have some time to fix your garden shed, we have a few useful tips for you that can help in getting rid of most of the rust.

Remove any Dust or Debris

Start off by cleaning your shed properly. This will help you in finding out the intensity of damage rusting has done to your garden shed.

You can use a pipe or hose to spray water onto the rusty part of your garden shed. The water coming onto the surface with pressure will quickly remove most of the dirt.

For proper washing and cleaning, you can use any detergent or soap and mix it with water, then apply this mixture to the rusty area with the help of a sponge.

We do not advise you to rub the rusting too hard as this could make it worse.

Disband the Sheds

You need to take apart your garden shed properly, step by step. First you should remove the roof, then the door and lastly the walls.

Pay close attention to the screws and hinges that you put away in the process. It is good to look after these so make sure to keep them in a safe place.

This way by disbanding the shed you can easily wash them and get rid of the rust.

Use Home Remedies

Sometimes home remedies help you in getting rid of rust quickly and at a smaller cost. There are a few natural ingredients like lemon, lime and vinegar that can remove rust in no time.

You can also use potato to remove rust. You need to simply cut off the potato in center and add in some dish soap. A chemical reaction will take place and you can leave it for few hours.

Try Rust Removers

There are a large variety of chemical products available that serve as good rust removers. These chemicals help in dissolving the rust.

But extra precaution must be taken while using these chemicals. They can be dangerous to your skin and your health.

Always read the instructions, follow user guides and be 100% sure about the product you are about to use so that you can spare yourself from accident or injury.

Ask for Professional Help

If you cannot do this on your own then the best thing to do is to consult a professional who has experience in removing rust from garden sheds. Professionals not only guide you but they also do the task for you in a timely manner.

If your garden shed is too old and you need to replace it with a new one, then Sheds Direct is the company for you.

We specialize in producing a variety of high quality, beautiful garden sheds. You can contact us via email at or give us a call at 01405 765400!

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