Securing Your Garden Shed

Shed Direct, sheds direct, Garden Shed, Garden Sheds, Garden Workshop, Garden Workshops, Shed, Sheds, Garden Storage, Potting Shed, Dutch Barn, Dutch Barns, Garden Building, Workshops, Wooden shedIt’s a good bet that securing your home came naturally to you. Homeowners usually make sure that their houses have appropriate locks and burglary alarms on all doors and windows. The risk of intrusion and burglary are kept at the bare minimum.

But what about your garden shed?

When adding up the value of everything in your garden shed, you would be amazed at how valuable the contents are. There are the significant possessions like the grass-mower, pressure washer, and power tools. But the tiny things also add up; spades, shovels, forks, hoses and secateurs. And not to mention the modern and expensive greenhouse heaters and patio heaters. All these are at risk of being a target for burglars.

So what is the answer to this problem? Do we avoid leaving valuables in our garden sheds? But where else would we put them?

No, the answer is to properly secure our garden sheds, and make sure that by their nature they don’t attract burglars looking for an easy target. Sheds Direct provide strong sheds that are easy to secure. Their sturdy design and appearance makes them a deterrent to potential intruders, and in practice our sheds are designed to protect your belongings as carefully as possible.

The same goes for our kennels. You need to be able to trust that your beloved pet is safe in your outdoor kennel. Some pets are incredibly valuable to thieves, and yet invaluable to you. You may not be able to put a price on them, but criminals can. Make sure that your outdoor kennel is secure enough to deter any potential intruders.

Outdoor lighting is another deterrent which is very effective, and this coupled with a secure structure will leave you with peace of mind. Another recommendation is to plant thorny plants surrounding the perimeter of your shed. Anything that is a deterrent is worthwhile!

Sheds Direct work with bespoke designs, so if you have any specific requirements for your garden shed and its security requirements, please get in touch and let us know. We know that everybody has unique needs, so we’ll design a garden shed to suit you.

Bespoke Garden Sheds