Sheds That Inspire

With a little bit of time, effort and imagination, you can turn a shed into something truly inspiring, uplifting or downright wacky. We’re going to share 4 sheds with you that’ll inspire you to do more with your garden!

1. You will know Kevin McCloud from Channel 4’s Grand Design’s, and in his new programme, Man Made Homes, he goes on a journey to build his own cabin – from hand. See him make something which really takes you back to nature.

2. This shed, known as the ‘boatcrash’ has a truly unique design. Examples such as this really inspire you to get creative your self – and your garden or shed are a perfect way to do so, with minimal disruption inside the house!

3. For shed-of-the-year, a number of celebrities were invited to design their own sheds. Vic Reeve’s shed is particularly crazy (we expect nothing less), taking his design from what he says is his favourite museum.

4. This is pretty amazing! What better way to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day than a shed designed to look like a Galleon. This would certainly stand out in your garden. It is modeled from HMS Victory and HMS Warrior and even has hammocks inside!

It is amazing what you can do with a bit of thought and creativity. You can turn any garden shed or garden workshop into something personal and unique. We hope these four examples give you a bit of inspiration to do something similar!

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