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3 Amazing Garden Shed Stories

Sheds seem to be a very basic thing. It’s usually used for the storage of tools, lawnmowers and other items that aren’t seemed appropriate for the house. In this article you will read some amazing, weird and downright stupid garden shed stories.

Stop Digging

In 2007 Stephen Lynch planned to build a shed in his back garden. As he set about working out how to go about it, he thought; ‘why not up the stakes and build two big outbuildings instead?’ He went out and bought a £18,500 mini digger so it would be “easier”. As he was digging out the footings for his ‘shed’ he decided he would need a basement too. So, he continued to dig. And ended up with a 40ft by 30ft, 6.5ft deep hole in the bottom of his garden. It was no surprise that as the large and deep hole his neighbours got more and more concerned. They started complaining. There was a fear it would undermine nearby properties. The council was called, and a court case ensued. Needless to say the judge ruled in favour of the neighbours, forcing the would be garden shed extraordinaire builder to fill in his quary sized hole… The total cost to Stephen for daring to dream big? Nearly £50,000. Although the solicitors, engineers and digger company didn’t complain… So if you find yourself wanting to gain a quality garden shed , save yourself a lot of money and heartache by calling Sheds Direct !

Life Within a Garden Shed

Ever caught yourself wondering what it would be like to live in your garden shed ? Well one guy did. And he told The Guardian his story. Needing a shed for his allotment the man started gathering scrap metal. Before he knew it, he’d built a shed much bigger than he needed. He spent a lot of time in there. Potting plants. Tending to his allotment. Maintaining his shed . He was enjoying himself more in his shed than in his flat. It came as no surprise when he decided to give living in there a go. Despite living there he had no lock as there was nothing to steal. When the council turned up he was certain they would kick him out. But, to his surprise, they only asked him to lower his roof. Staying there long-term was becoming a better idea every day. Expanding to two rooms, plastering, painting and adding a toilet gave him all the more reason. Despite not being connected to electricity – and his water came from rainwater. But that didn’t bother him. Everything within the gates of the allotment, to him, felt like home. If you want a lovely garden workshop , garden shed or potting shed for your allotment, give Sheds Direct a call.

Shed Boat Shed

The Turner Prize is a prestigious award that goes to visual artists every year. Would you believe me if I said someone once won the Turner prize with a shed ?. In 2005 Simon Starling won with his ShedBoatShed installation. Simon started by spotting a shed on a bank of the river Rhine. From there he converted the building into a boat and drifted it seven miles down the river with all the excess inside. He reconstructed it back into a shed inside a Swiss museum. The building didn’t seem to have any natural curves and defiantly didn’t look like a water tight structure. And yet Starling managed to give something two uses people thought had one. It was said that he was fascinated in how things got to be the way are. He creates a human connection between processes we take for granted.

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