The five most unusual uses for a garden workshop


The Five Most Unusual Uses for a Garden Workshop

It’s expected that when you get a garden workshop you’ll be using it for something productive. But have you ever thought about the other possibilities you could have with a garden workshop? In this article I’m going to write about the weird and wonderful things that can be done (or imagined) with a garden workshop . Prepare to be amazed.

Garden Workshop as a Dance Studio

Has the phrase dance workshop ever crossed your vocabulary? Although the phrase has a different meaning, you could use a garden workshop as a dance workshop, clever right? That doesn’t mean you have to have 20-30 people in your shed learning to dance, it could just be yourself. Size doesn’t have to matter; creativity comes from your mind and not from a shed .

Garden Workshop as a Smoke House

There are many who have used their garden workshop to smoke an assortment of meat and fish. It’s a great idea if you love smoked meat. If your shed is small it could still be of significant use to you! Previous knowledge would probably be ideal as fire and wood is never a good mix. Never the less, it’s still a weird yet brilliant idea.

Garden Workshop as a Sauna

This idea is for those of you that like to live the high life and pamper yourself. A sauna is a lovely place to relax and de stress. Imagine having one in your own shed? As unrealistic as it may be, Big Brother had one so why can’t you? Let’s forget about the cost and think about the possibility. You could bring your friends round to relax, rent it out to people and most importantly use it for yourself and your family. Everyone would be amazed by your beautiful skin and shocked when they open your shed to find a lovely hot sauna.

Garden Workshop as a Gym

Going to the gym is unappealing for many reasons. Getting sweaty in front of people you’ve never met before, paying over the odds for the mountain of fees and deposits and working really hard only to realise you’re lifting the lightest weight there is. It all makes having a gym in a garden workshop that more tempting. Having a weight here and a treadmill there meaning you’ve got a great place to sweat in peace away from the super fit gym junkies.

Garden Workshop as a Ice Rink

Ok, so this one is quite outrageous. Going to the ice rink is a rare occurrence as the cost is usually high and it’s always packed with pros making you feel bad for being awful. Yes it probably wouldn’t be any cheaper to turn your garden workshop into an ice rink but it’s a possibility. Imagine coming home from work and having a quick skate on your own personal ice rink, how cool would that be? You’d never have to pay for your kids birthday parties again; even more, you could keep all your frozen food on there and save on your freezer. So you’ve heard of 5 weird and wonderful ideas for your garden workshop. Got any more? Let us know we’d love to be amazed by your ideas. If you have questions about what type of garden shed you want to buy, delivery or construction then please call Kevin at Sheds Direct or one of the team on 01405 765 400.

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