The Garden Shed Percentage Facts By Sheds Direct


The Garden Shed Percentage Facts By Sheds Direct

At Sheds Direct we love statistics, figures and numbers as they relate to any type of garden shed – whether they be sheds, garden workshops or dutch barns. So we thought we’d share some with you..

Seventy seven percent of shed owners…

Despite the face that so many of us live in the city it might surprise you to know that 77% of men have access to a shed. Statistically that’s a big number – three quarters of all men in fact. This sounds a surprisingly high number. It makes one wonder what ‘have access to’ actually means? Does it mean vaulting the fence to ‘access’ our neighbour’s garden workshop? Does it include thieves who prey on cheap paper thin sheds for valuables? Or that we can ‘access’ great value durable quality garden sheds from’s website?

Sixteen percent of Australians…

Ever had a serious accident in your garden shed? If so – you share an interesting statistic with Australians (who else?). A massive 16% of Aussie shed users have injured themselves in a serious way simply by making use of their shed. We are not sure we want to know what they were doing, but it probably involved a garden workshop, beer and a ‘barbie’….

Seven percent of men…

What’s the one thing you do when you arrive home after a long day’s work? Cook tea? Get changed? Kiss your partner? Take the dog for a walk? Well it turns out 7% of men immediately head to their garden shed after they get home from work. That’s almost one in ten who pay a visit to their garden workshop the moment they get home. Many of these will be depositing their bikes. Never the less, working in your garden workshop after a long day can be very relaxing.

Six Percent Beer?

Would you consider converting your garden shed into a bar or club? Well if you have you wouldn’t be alone. Six percent of people say that if their garden shed was big enough they would seriously consider turning their garden sheds into a bar or club. If you like your continental beers – a Shed Direct dutch barn would make a lovely bar – plus – it’s big enough with lots of great light, and great head space.

Five Point Five Percent Sheds

The great thing about having a dry, secure and spacious space in your garden is that you can take your hobbies outside the home. That’s probably why an estimated 5.5% of Britain’s railway modelling takes place in a garden shed of some description. Imagine a giant railway filling your entire garden workshop! Then having the kids or grandkids over? Now that would bring a smile to Sheds Direct faces. So there you have it, some great garden shed facts. If any of them relate to you and your garden shed, garden workshop or dutch barn let us know!

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