Types of Shed Bases

The types of shed bases, and which is the best choice

Many people forget a vital thing whilst purchasing a shed, the base! Ensuring your new shed has a good base is key to the life span, as a good base will mean your shed will remain level and stable for years. If the base is uneven you may find the wall and roof panels won’t line up properly, the door may not shut, or the whole structure could be very weak.

Below are the different options for bases including the pro’s and con’s of each.


Loose Timber & Railway Sleepers

Using loose timber battens or planks of timber that lay down on the ground and run across the direction of the underfloor bearers that come with your shed isn’t recommended, as it likely would not be a level or stable base.  This would dramatically decrease the life span of your shed, meaning you would need to buy another much sooner than anyone would like. Our advice would be to stay away from this base.


  • Quick and easy to build
  • Low cost


  • The shed can twist and become unstable, therefore the shed will have a shorter life span
  • The timber may not hold the weight of your shed if you put heavy things in it

Pressure Treated Timber Frame

This base is a wooden frame made from pressure treated timber, known as tanalised timber. It’s made to the exact size of the shed and then pegged to the ground and made level. It’s a great way of keeping the bottom of your shed dry but allowing maximum airflow. No ground preparation is needed for this base, meaning it’s a speedy option if you didn’t realise how important the base is.

Adding metal frame supports is an additional measure you can take to ensure your shed remains stable for a long period of time (years and years). They are completely adjustable, but do require to be concreted in to stop the weight of the building pushing them into the ground. They’re great for new sheds or for area’s that are prone to sinking or have tree roots below.


  • The shed will be levelled and stable meaning longer life span
  • Can support area’s that are sunken as the metal frames can be lowered or heightened
  • Don’t need a concrete base to support


  • As there is no ground preparation needed the ground may not be suitable

Timber decking

Timber decking is a great base for your shed. It ensures your shed is on a level and stable ground making the life span of your shed longer. You will need to make sure that it’s strong enough to hold the weight of the shed if you’re getting a large one or planning to put heavy items in it. It’s a popular base as it looks good and you can chose the same colour wood as your shed, so it matches. However, you need to make sure that the decking is slightly bigger than the shed so it offers more support.


  • It makes a sturdy reliable base
  • Your shed will be levelled


  • May not be strong enough if you want to put heavy items in the shed

TOP TIP – If you’re choosing a wooden base, always make sure you use a pressure-treated (tanalised) timber or hardwood as it will last much longer.

Eco Bases

Eco bases are a popular request, but definitely one we don’t recommend. They’re made from recycled plastic and come in squares that looks like a grid that fit together to make up the size of the area your shed will cover. You can fill them with gravel to form a french drain. They’re lightweight so anyone can fit them but this is also a drawback as it means they are very unstable and hard to level up.


  • Eco friendly as they’re made from recycled plastic
  • Can be recycled after use
  • Easy to carry


  • Hard to level
  • Becomes unstable and then causes the shed to twist
  • Decreases the life span of the shed

Paving slabs

Paving slabs provide a good solid, long-lasting base for your shed. In order to lay the slabs, you will need to do some preparation to the ground such as removing turf, levelling and adding bottoming and sand. Make sure you check that the ground is well compacted before laying, as they’re prone to settling. Choosing paving slabs will be more expensive as more preparation goes into it but it will be able to hold larger, heavier sheds.


  • A good solid base for you shed.
  • They will be able to hold any size and weight shed


  • A lot of ground preparation is needed before you can lay them
  • Could be costly


Concrete makes the strongest base out of all the different types. As well as being strong it’s low maintenance and long-lasting and this transfers to your shed, if you decide to use concrete, your shed will have a really long life span meaning, in the long run, it’s very beneficial.  However, it can be costly and will be a permanent thing in your garden when laid.


  • Very strong so can hold the weight of any size shed
  • Once laid you don’t need to maintain it


  • A lot of work and a slow process to create
  • Permanent placement

Existing Hardstanding

You may already have a hard base in your garden that would be suitable for a shed to go on.  But you need to make sure that its level and stable. If not then the shed will twist and become weak and won’t have a long life span.


  • Won’t cost any extra money


  • The ground may not be as level as it should causing the shed to twist
  • Your shed may end up in a place that’s not suitable e.g. under a tree.


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