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Garden Sheds are great multi purpose garden buildings (regardless whether you bought a quality Sheds Direct shed) – here’s some ways you can customise these most amazing of spaces.

Garden Sheds – buy large hooks and hangers

Large hooks and hangers are useful when it comes to organising your odd assortment of possessions inside your quality garden sheds. Hang almost anything on these hooks; from loose wires to coiled-up hoses, tools to garden chairs, bikes (!) to ladders.

Large hangers means you can hang almost all of your long-handled gardening tools, result? A garden shed which is nicely organised.

It goes without saying that hanging tools, wires and ropes protects you from tripping and thus prevents potential injuries.

Garden sheds accessories can be found at your nearest garden centre (alas not Sheds Direct – who only make quality garden sheds) – just don’t be tempted to buy one of their paper thin sheds (or you will get a visit from Sheds Direct builder to show you the error of your ways!).

Note – if you speak to Kris (the owner of Sheds Direct) he will be able to tell you how to best protect your fly fishing rods, as well as other fishing gear.

Metal Shelving for Garden Sheds

Have you any idea how much extra storage space you might gain in your garden shed? A good way to increase the storage capacity of your garden sheds is to install several light weight metal shelves.

These metal shelves take up next to no space and yet significantly increase your storage options. Buying adjustable metal shelves are a plus point, giving you more flexibility.

After installing and placing all the relevant boxes, tools, screws, nails, fishing gear, bike parts in its place, you might be surprised by the amount of space you’ve suddenly gained in your quality garden shed.

Stack up – Buy baskets or bins to increase garden shed space

There are always awkward tools and equipment like pots lying around inside your garden sheds that can be easily stacked up in a corner. Just buy the right baskets with lids, or bins and you are good to go.

Stacking up is also a good way of checking the amount of stuff you already have, the amount that has been depleted and the amount that you need more. It can serve like your own balance sheet.

You can purchase metal or plastic baskets and bins – the latter being by far the cheaper. These come in many different shapes and sizes and can be bought easily.

Buy a Potting Bench

If you love planting and looking for a great space to start growing your favourite plants, a potting bench is a must. We advise you to clear up some space for it in your garden sheds. Watching new life sprout within your shed allows you to really connect with nature. Just remember to (carefully) water these new shoots!

Decorate your Garden Sheds-Buy something colourful

Nobody likes to work in a dull and gloomy environment. Even plants love airy and full of light garden sheds.

Buy some colourful equipment like chalkboards, calendars, pots, stands, journals, hangings that will generally give a vibrant and colourful outlook to your shed. Colourful garden sheds make happy places. You could go one step further – and buy a quality garden shed from Sheds Direct –such as a garden workshop or beautiful dutch barn. The result is a great space that you can decorate as you see fit – with lots of space for your hobbies and friends!

Here at Sheds Direct we are somewhat passionate about giving you great high quality garden sheds. You can check out our latest sheds and lots more on our Sheds Direct Facebook page. It has up to date recent photos, customer comments, projects, competitions and more – so head over to take a look at some of our quality garden sheds.

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