What Makes a Shed An Eco-Shed?

Everyone seems to be becoming more environmentally conscious these days (and with good reason). We manage to extend this concern to almost all aspects of our lives – but what about our sheds? How can you turn a shed into an eco-shed?

  • Recycled materials.Whether you’re building only part of your shed or the whole thing, consider using recycled materials. It is amazing what people throw away, and you can salvage good quality materials if you’re willing to spend the time hunting for it!
  • Solar panels. Solar panels are a great way to produce electricity (yes, even in this country!). The greater the area you cover with solar panels, the greater the energy output you will get – and sheds, with their elevated position, make a great (and not unsightly) place to put them. Apex sheds are perfect for this!
  • Waterproof. It’s not hard finding environmentally responsible products if you look for them. If choosing a paint to protect the wood of the shed, choose paint which is low in volatile organic compounds and one which uses organic pigments.
  • Wildlife. While not strictly making a shed an eco-shed, wildlife nonetheless gives a natural and peaceful air to your garden. Attract wildlife with bird nesters attached to the sides of your shed and even consider ‘insect conservation centres’ to attract nightlife!

All of these tips not only help you do your bit for the environment, but the can save you money too. From solar power (which pays you back over time) to recycled materials (you don’t have to pay!), being eco doesn’t mean you you pay more.

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