Why Sheds Direct offers quality garden sheds with roof trusses

If you have ever bought a quality garden shed from Sheds Direct, or viewed our website, you might have noticed we offer roof trusses across the whole range of garden sheds we produce – including Dutch Barns and Garden Workshops.

There are many advantages associated with roof trusses. But let’s first understand what roof trusses are.

What is a garden sheds roof truss?

A roof truss is a standard component used in the construction of many buildings, barns, sheds and workshops. It forms the structural foundation (framework) that holds the roof and ceiling.

It is usually constructed with timber which is joined together using several bolts, nails and screws. It is available in different shapes and sizes.

Only structural engineers with the help of other professionals can construct the right sized roof truss for your dutch barn or garden workshop.

Advantages of garden sheds roof trusses

Sheds Direct uses only the best materials in making its dutch barns and garden workshops. For us every part of a shed is important, whether it is the floor or the roof, high quality is of utmost importance.

Roof trusses are used in our dutch barns and garden workshops because they have many advantages. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Flexible design

With roof trusses in place, you can easily play around with the design of your dutch barn shed or garden workshop. You can easily add a solar panel or air conditioning or even a hot water system on your roof truss.

Roof trusses can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can also be customised according to clients’ needs and specifications.

Less expensive

At Sheds Direct we not only provide you with high quality sheds, we also care about your money and for that reason we develop roof trusses that reduces our cost significantly.

Roof trusses are allow us to build strong garden sheds yet are cost effective parts in your Dutch barn and Garden Workshops. They are made stronger than most of the competition you will find elsewhere (and certainly stronger than the paper sheds you will get from most high street stores and cheap online shed sites).

Larger span

Roof trusses have a large span that provide rigidity and strength meaning we can build larger garden workshops, dutch barn sheds and other garden buildings.

With the larger span, they are much easier and quicker to install. With faster installation of the roof, we are able to deliver you high-class quality garden sheds quickly.

If you like the idea of having roof trusses for your dutch barns and garden workshops, contact us right now! Simply call us at 01405 765400.

Or email us sales@shedsdirect.net

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