Work from home in Garden Workshop

Working from home has been made a necessity for thousands of people due to the recession hitting majority hard. During the last recession the internet was mere myth and rarely heard of, thus making that even harder to earn the few extra pounds.

Today the internet is a vast place and plays a very dominant role in most individual’s lives and makes it easy to work as online marketer, copy writers and such like, for parents this makes time with the family easier to uphold. Every one is happy.

Although there is disadvantages to working from home as there are many distractions and can some times over rule the work load. There is a growing trend happening with home workers, people are purchasing Garden workshops to separate the work life and home life while still working from home.

Garden workshops are of various sizes to accommodate a full office setup making working from home easy and separate just like you would be sat behind your office desk at head Quarters, the large garden workshops can have partition walls, more desk space and even be converted into fully functioning office suites for local colleagues to join the work from home trend.

Why is this trend happening?

The quick answer is “Broadband phone connection”.

This provides a high-speed way of communicating with the companies servers, making you a virtually in the office. With broadband, people can use the internet, check e-mails and transmit documents in the same way as they would in the office, so why be in the office.

“We’ve seen this trend grow in the last 6 years during a time when the conditions weren’t right and legal obstacles were in the way but now it is much better from a legal point of view, so I think we’ll see a lot more people doing this in the future.

Some Benefits for Working from home in a Garden Shed?

1 – No travelling to work – commuting can easily add 3 hours to your daily commute on your journey and return journey home, if stretching these few hours out its equivalent to 2 extra days in the office, making it a 7day working week.

2 – Play a role in your home life more – This can include interacting with your children, cleaning a couple of pots while you are on your break, all of this helping and maintaining a healthy social home life. This benefits the whole family.

3 – Food costs – Working from home in your garden workshop can reduce your daily food coast, buying your lunch daily in and around the office workplace can some times be overpriced, offers that aren’t saving you money. from experience buying a meal of a sandwich, drink and a bag of crisp can easily take £5.00 daily not including any snacks you purchase in between. eating at home could cost far less as you already have the food.

Disadvantage for working from home in a Garden workshop?

1 – Distraction – There are many distractions in your home that can affect your workflow, answering the door can take your mind away from the load and delay your targets. Disconnecting yourself from your home life while at home is hard thus the trend of people purchasing garden workshops to accommodate the separate life a must.

2 – Pressure to work longer hours? As you are at home your job can increase its pressure and can starts to creep longer hours out of each individual and the balance between your job and family commitments will become unstable. People with young children find the balance a lot harder due to interaction young children require.

The Conclusion?

If this is an area which your employer supports and trusts the staff to balance time management then consider a garden workshop to separate your work from home. Its a healthy option to work from home and fast becoming a trend with office workers.

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