Warranty Information

12 Months warranty against manufacturing faults or serious timber defects which does not cover your building against minor defects such as shrinkage, minor splits that are completely normal with a natural product.

Major defects will be repaired or sections/boards replaced as deemed appropriate by ourselves.

In circumstances where the building has been supplied for self erect we will supply materials or panels only, again as deemed appropriate by ourselves. This will be on a self fit/repair basis by the customer.

This warranty does not cover any building that has been erected by any persons other than our own experienced staff, misused, accidentally damaged or sited incorrectly on anything but a solid level base.

This warranty does not include storm or flood damage.

10 year warranty against rot and wood boring insects.

In addition your building is warranted for 10 years against timber decay and wood boring insects provided:-

  • You maintain your building in good condition.
  • Keep the roof covering in good order and replace if necessary.
  • Treat the exterior immediately upon installation with 3 coats and at least every three years thereafter, with Protek Royal wood stain treatment products. These can be purchased with your building but are for customer application only – we do not paint the panels. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO THE SPOTS WHERE THE SCREWS AND NAILS HAVE BEEN SITED. COVER THESE AREAS THOROUGHLY PLEASE.
  • The building should be raised on bearers and kept clear of standing water or damp. Failure to do this will invalidate the warranty terms.
  • The building should be on a solid/firm level base.
  • The surface should be kept clear of noxious growths.
  • Bushes, shrubs trees etc should be cut back to ensure they are not in contact with the building and that air can circulate freely around the building to facilitate drying out after rain.
  • Debris, leaves must not be allowed to build up underneath or against the building.

This warranty does not cover anything that has been caused by misuse, storm or flood.

Repairs/replacement will be carried out at the discretion of Sheds Direct other than where a building has been supplied on a supply only basis and in that case materials, replacement parts/panels will be supplied for fitting by the customer only.

Payment of a deposit or final balance constitutes acceptance of the warranty terms.